Saturday, 27th November 2021

Balochi Academy

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Aims and Objectives

  • To accelerate efforts in research work on Balochi language, literature, culture and history, and to harmonize these efforts with new academic, scientific and technological advancement.
  • To translate Balochi books and classic in to other languages and literature and vice versa in Balochi
  • To collect and publish rare manuscript on the subjects of history, geography, culture, language and arrange their publication in Balochi and if they are in other languages then arrange their translation and publications in Balochi language
  • To preserve the different genres of Balochi poetry, literature (prose), lexicology, proverbs, traditions, narratives and fables etc. and to arrange for their publication.
  • To further increase the collaboration with academic and literary establishments on international level. Similarly to collaborate with literary and cultural institutions established in Pakistan for realization of academic and literary objectives.
  • To adopt ways and means conducive for achieving the goals and objectives of the Academy; in cultural, social, academic and scientific uplift of Baloch people.


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Address: Adalat Road, Quetta, Pakistan

Phone No:  +92-81-2829566
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