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The Balochi Academy, Quetta is an oldest registered literary and cultural body with a mandate for promotion of Balochi language, art and culture and also interacting with other regional languages. The Academy is run by volunteer-members, having no political or religious affiliations. In this direction appreciable efforts were made by some Baloch intellectuals in the last years the fifth decade of the last century when they ventured to establish an institution named Balochi Academy, prime object of which was to develop and boost Balochi language, literature, culture and civilization. Mr. Abdul Qayyum Baloch was the vanguard of this venture. As result of this endeavor, in 1958, a large numbers of writers, poets, political and tribal leaders congregated at Mastung, main purpose of which was seek their practical, financial, political and moral support for Balochi Academy. But the then government resisted and frustrated these efforts and, after few weeks, sent the conveyer of Balochi Academy, Mr. Abdul Qayyum behind the bars. So efforts to formally establish the Balochi Academy were put off for some time. However all these barriers, the Academy was formally established in 1961.


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