1. Balochi Academy recognizes the worth of creation of powerful, healthy and living literature. It supports all efforts to harmonize the overall development of Balochi literature with the new trends and experiments in language and literature.
  2. Balochi Academy considers the Balochi an integral language, literature and history being a constituent part of Central Asia, particularly that of the culture and history of this region. It also defends, in earnest, the struggle of all nationalities living in Pakistan for the preservation of their language, literature and traditions.
  3. Balochi Academy undertakes and is committed to the task popularizing the Balochi language, literature, culture and history and to remain part of struggle for socio-economic advancement of Balochistan and its glory and survival.
  4. Balochi Academy considers that advancement of knowledge, sagacity, science and technology are important for the intellectual growth of all nations of the world and also for their economic and material prosperity, and establishment of healthy society in which every individuals must have freedom and equal opportunities and where human values are honored and equity and justice thrives.
  5. Balochi Academy views it with grave concern the imposition of any restriction on fundamental human rights on pretext of nay political, linguistic, tribal or religious context and supports all endeavors guaranteeing human intellectual growth and free expression and communication of thoughts and expression.
  6. Balochi Academy supports the rightful just aspirations and endeavors of all nations for conservation of their language, culture and identity and their inherited right to live honorably.
  7. Balochi Academy believes in the importance of the role played by writers, intellectuals and artists in the evolution of human society. It also believes and keeps in high esteem their endeavors for freedom of thought and action and preservation of democratic values in Balochistan.
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